What does Brexit mean for UK citizens living in the EU27? 

Welcome to the official website for the research project BrExpats: freedom of movement, citizenship and Brexit in the Lives of Britons resident in the EU27. The project is led by Dr. Michaela Benson and funded by the UK in a changing Europe.

What is the research about?

BrExpats is an innovative sociological study that questions what Brexit means for Britons resident in other European Union member states. Through the research we aim to raise awareness of the diversity of British citizens living in the EU27 and their lived experiences of Brexit. Working closely with Britons living across the EU27, it keeps a finger on the pulse of how they experience Brexit and its impacts on their lives as it unfolds.

What is the research for?

The research is designed around a commitment to public engagement. It creates evidence that can be used to inform policy among the practitioners, civil servants, experts and organisations responsible for supporting the rights and entitlements of these populations.