Other research on the British in Europe and Brexit

One of the things we want to do through the research is to collate–for the record–a list of research that is ongoing on the impacts of Brexit on Britons living and working in Europe. With this in mind, we invite other academics working on this topic to get in touch with us about what they are doing!

For example, we recently recorded a discussion between Michaela, Karen and Rebekah Miller, a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, talking about research she had done with British pensioners living in Spain. She had written this great blog for Society and Space about being in Spain, working with British seniors the day after Britain voted to leave the European Union.

Dr. Kelly Hall, a lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Birmingham has also been in touch with us about the work she has been conducting in Spain. In this blog the concerns of elderly Britons about what Brexit will mean for their access to healthcare and value of their pensions.

So please do get in touch if you want to add your research to our list, or to write for our blog!


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