Brexit Brits Abroad: January 2018 Update

Summary of the project outputs so far

  • 12 days of Brexit Brits Abroad, including a page of resources for British abroad and podcasts busting myths about Brits abroad in EU – myths around the number and diversity of the population (or lack of it), around taxation, and stereotypes and caricatures around the British who live in the EU27.
  • Numerous podcasts (15 to date) that raise awareness of the key issues facing Britons living elsewhere in Europe as the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union
  • Numerous Blogposts on our ongoing research, including with British people of colour who have made their homes in the EU, research with British in Toulouse, the Lot, and Andalucia, the ongoing negotiations with respect to UK citizens in the EU27, as well as guest posts for other researchers and from UK citizens (our research participants) themselves.
  • Research reports on initial findings from research with British in France and British in Spain
  • Numerous contributions from those taking part in our Citizens Panel, including personal stories, thoughts and experiences
  • Materials for other platforms including: evidence submitted for consideration to the EU Justice Sub-Committee in the House of Lords, UK in a changing Europe Facebook Live event, features on the Brexit Podcast, representing the project at an event organised to showcase all the projects supported by UK in a Changing Europe at the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology, as well as features in local newspapers.
  • We also regularly tweet and post on our facebook page.
Karen is a Professor of Sociology at Loughborough University. She is also an ethnographer, a wife, mother, and grandmother! Currently she is driven by the wish to raise the public profile of sociology

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