Myth-busting Micropodcast Series

We asked our Citizen’s Panel about what misconceptions of Brits living in the EU they’ve faced.  And they told us.  As a response, our host Dr Michaela Benson made this 6-part micropodcast series challenging the common stereotypes and myths about Brits abroad, and showing just how diverse the population of Britons living in the EU27 really is.

Each episode is just 7 minutes long, so why not have a listen now!

Episode 1: On busting myths about how many UK citizens have made their lives and homes in the EU27

Episode 2: busting the myth that all UK citizens living in the EU27 are pensioners

Episode 3: busting more stereotypes about the UK citizens who have made their homes and lives in the EU27.

Episode 4: busting myths about how the UK citizens who have made their lives in the EU27 live.

Episode 5: talking myths about taxation and UK citizens resident in the EU27.

Episode 6: the last in our myth busting micropodcasts, talking dual nationality and UK citizens living in the EU27.