Episode 21: We need to talk about the British in Ireland

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Ireland is the third most popular destination for UK citizens choosing to migrate and settle in other EU member states, and yet, we rarely hear about Ireland as a destination of the Britons who have made their lives there. To discuss why this is the case, Michaela is joined by Professor Mary Gilmartin, an expert in Ireland and migration. They talk through the UK-Ireland relationship and how this plays out through migration; the politics of migration in Ireland; and the lived experiences of British migrants as they try to settle and integrate in Ireland.

You can find out more about Mary and her research here.

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  1. September 4, 2018

    […] are only exceeded by the Polish population (122,515). As Professor Mary Gilmartin explained in Episode 21 of our podcast there is very limited knowledge and understanding of this population in academic or political […]

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