Our Latest Report is out now! Talking Brexit with 18-35 year old UK citizens in southern Spain

Talking Brexit with 18-35 yo British citizens in Spain coverOur latest report is based on in-depth interviews with 18-35 year old British citizens living in Granada and Seville. It forms part of our wider ambition to change the conversation about the British Abroad, in this case to highlight the diversity of the British citizens living in Spain in terms of age. The report reflects on how these younger Britons understand Brexit within the context of what brought them to Spain, their employment and economic circumstances, and relationships. In this way it considers  and its potential impact on their lives, highlighting what this reveals about their sense of identity and belonging, while also reflecting on what these interviews reveal about their capacity  to navigate broader structural shifts in the labour market. As the authors, Mike Danby and Karen O’Reilly highlight, the demands for these younger citizens to be flexible and mobile in pursuit of work frame their responses and reactions to Brexit in a perhaps surprising ways.


You can download the report from our website here.

You can also listen to Mike talking about the report with Michaela in Episode 29 of the Brexit Brits Abroad Podcast.

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