A message from the Brexit Brits Abroad team in a week of turbulence

Given how unsettling recent events must be for British people living in EU27 states, with the publication of the Withdrawal Agreement and subsequent political turmoil, The Brexit Brits Abroad team are taking the opportunity to draw attention to what we think are some of the best sources for factual or accurate information.  

On Wednesday the latest draft of the withdrawal agreement was issued. Having scrutinised this closely we feel there is nothing significantly different here to what had already been agreed about citizens’ rights. The EC Commission version is useful and interesting in that Citizens Rights are one the first items mentioned. Simply, for those Britons who are lawfully resident in an EU member state by the end of the transition period there are various things drafted into the agreement to support your continued residence.   

The British in Europe Coalition prepared this helpful account Where does the March Agreement Leave me which provides accurate information about what this means in terms of access to healthcare and other issues that you might be concerned about.  

We also know that some member states are starting to consider what they need to do in order to implement the deal as currently outlined.  

Of course, there are still things unresolved; it is still apparent that there has been no further discussion about continued freedom of movement within the EU-27 for Britons post-transition, for example. We know that this is a concern particularly for people whose lives and livelihoods currently rest on them being able to move freely around the European Union. There are also concerns about the burden of proof for residence.  

But in addition to the draft withdrawal agreement, this week has seen significant turbulence in Westminster, which centres on the Brexit negotiations. Even as we write, we are aware that the cabinet is shifting faster than we can keep track of and with potential consequences for how Brexit unfolds.  

For expert advice on what different outcomes of Brexit might be, we would encourage you to look at the UK and a Changing Europe website (http://ukandeu.ac.uk).

We particularly recommend the recent Cost of No Deal report (http://ukandeu.ac.uk/no-deal-brexit-will-be-overwhelmingly-negative-for-the-uk-new-academic-report-finds/ and this piece about possible scenarios and their implications for citizens’ rights (http://ukandeu.ac.uk/explainers/six-brexit-scenarios-for-citizens-rights/). 

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our numerous research participants for their ongoing support and to remind you that we are always happy to hear from you.  

Michaela, Karen, Katherine, and Chantelle 

The Brexit Brits Abroad Team   


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