From Lin, en Bretagne

My home is here in Bretagne.  I’ve owned my maison since 2004. I been here full time living & working, paying into society since 2012.  Now we are faced with having to apply for a residency card Carte d`Sejour… this is straightforward and free, if you have the correct paperwork for the system, but not for all.  I had cancer in 2014 so have a low income as a micro entrepreneur for several years in my recovery stage.  I’ve been refused a CDS twice.  I’m now having to go to court to fight this.  I’m Lucky I have support of ECAS and a pro-bono lawyers, otherwise this would be out of the question. There are many many more Brits here in France who will struggle to get a card…  some have already been sent back to UK with nothing and no one to help them.  We feel like the forgotten … the #CollateralDamage …  #BrexitIsPersonal we are British citizens too ….. But we don’t blame the French this… #BrexitShambles was made in UK…. We appear to be …. “the citizens of Nowhere” 

Lin is just one of the volunteers to our Citizens’ Panel. You can read about the experiences of other Britons living in the EU27 visit our Meet the #BritsinEurope feature

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