Brexit fall out – the citizen’s perspective: The economic and social impact of Brexit on citizens

This conference was hosted by New Europeans in partnership with The Federal Trust. BrExpats project lead Dr Michaela Benson spoke on a panel about the social impact of Brexit, highlighting the experiences of Britons living in the EU27. You can view the programme here.

Read the conference report here.

Brexit fall out – the citizen’s perspective

The economic and social impact of Brexit on citizens

Date: Wednesday 13th February 2019 – 14:30 to 20:00

EU27 citizens in the UK still face an uncertain future if Britain leaves the EU and British citizens still face being stripped of their EU citizenship.

Meanwhile many of the anticipated social and economic consequences of Brexit are already with us, even before Britain leaves the European Union.

Many companies are relocating away from the UK and there are reports of labour shortages in the public services, not least in hospitals. 

There are fears that British pensioners in Spain and Italy will be forced to return to the UK due to their changed economic circumstances post Brexit. 

Where will they live and what will be the cost to social services and the NHS

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