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UPDATE: Monday 25th March 2019 – due to a high volume of responses to the survey, we have not yet been able to fully process the results. We will be working on this over the course of the week and hope to be able to release them ASAP. Please bear with us!

The Brexit Brits Abroad research team (https://brexitbritsabroad.com) want to gauge what this series of votes means to Britons living across the EU (there’s a brief summary below for those of you who haven’t been following it as closely as we have!). So we thought we would design a short survey and send it out through our networks. Our plan is to conduct analysis on all responses early week, and communicate these through our website and social media.

To these ends it would be really valuable to us if you would complete the survey (and please do feel free to circulate it through your networks: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/9W6LQWS

And here’s a brief summary of the votes:

Tuesday 12th March – The Second ‘Meaningful Vote’– The Meaningful Vote is the mechanism for parliament to sign off on the Withdrawal Agreement drawn up between the Brexit negotiators in the EU and the UK
– This was defeated with 391 MPs voting against it

– The Meaningful Vote is the mechanism for parliament to sign off on the Withdrawal Agreement drawn up between the Brexit negotiators in the EU and the UK
– This was defeated with 391 MPs voting against it

Wednesday 13th March – The Vote on No Deal
– A majority of 321 MPs voted to reject the possibility of No Deal 

Thursday 14th March – Extension to Article 50
– A majority of 413 MPs voted for an extension to Article 50 if the Withdrawal Agreement is not approved by the House of Commons by next Wednesday

What’s next?
At the time of writing it has been reports that a third Meaningful Vote will be put to the House of Commons on Tuesday 19th March. 

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  1. Elspeth Chabbi says:

    I sincerely hope that Brexit is abandoned, article 50 is revoked, and that relations with EU return to pre 2016 situation. I look forward to having a vote once Glyn Davies’ bill is enacted, and i will certainly never vote for the conservative party which has shown its true colours of incompetence, self-interest, and proved to be completely out of touch with common sense and common people. Millions of EUinUK and UkinEu have had their lives and livelihoods put in jeopardy, to say nothing of the economic catastrophe Brexit would bring about. Xenophobia has become commonplace in England, and the views of Scotland and N. Ireland blatantly ignored.

  2. Nigel Makins says:

    It means the Tory gvmt is using the Brexit result for its owneans. Respecting the will of the people is a cover. They have no respect for democracy unless it fulfills their purpose.
    Corbyn is on another planet and is not in opposition to Brexit. This noone represents my view which is similar to 48% of those who voted.
    How can 48% be so totally ignored.
    Democracy is failing yet Bercow tries hard to protect it.

  3. Carol Lockhart says:

    I live in Spain & am a permanent resident, 3 years ago I would have been happy for the UK to leave the EU because the EU has become an ‘elephant in the room’, originally a trade-organisation for Europe, it is now almost the US of Europe and taking over individual country’s laws etc etc. My original thoughts that it would be good to leave were based on mis-information and lies. Since then the truth and ramifications of the UK’s departure from the EU have become general knowledge. Originally we all thought the NHS would get millions and immigration would be reduced. Nothing was said about how it would affect travel, businesses, passports, food, transporting animals, healthcare – to name but a few.
    Brexit has become a total nightmare. There is no way that the majority of citizens would vote to leave now because they are now aware of the truth. The politicians have made sure the wish of the people in 2016 has become a total nightmare, they are not interested in democracy, only whatever affects them. The 15 year rule for ex-pats being unable to vote should have been cancelled to enable ex-pats to vote in the referendum. This Brexit nightmare would never have happened if that had been done, the millions it must have cost to date would have been saved. Ex-pats are disenfranchised, and Brexit it is going to make it even worse for them.
    I vote for another referendum now that people are aware of the truth. Failing that revoke Article 50 & remain.

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