No deal will lead to prolonged and severe political and economic uncertainty

No Deal Brexit: issues, impacts and implications is a new report published by the academic think tank, The UK in a Changing Europe (who fund our research).

The report finds that No Deal will not “get Brexit done”, rather, it will usher in a period of prolonged uncertainty for citizens, workers and businesses, which is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. 

“The likely implication of a no deal Brexit for … Britons elsewhere in Europe will be one of gradually increasing confusion and complexity as attempts by the UK and other member states to find pragmatic legal and administrative routes collide with the messy realities of peoples’ lives, which are about much more than simply whether one is or is not legally resident”

Menon et al., 2019, pg 23

To find out more, read their blog or download the report in full on their website.

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