Analysis of how British citizens abroad are represented in the media and parliament

The project also includes a close reading of how UK citizens living in the EU27 are represented in the Brexit negotiations, politics, and the media. Our aim with this element of the research is to draw out the frames of reference—who people think about when they consider the British abroad, the demographics of this population—commonly used by national media, politicians and policy makers and other key stakeholders, and how these feed into negotiations around the future rights and entitlements of Britons who have made their homes and lives in Europe (e.g. the right to vote, continued residence and access to welfare in European nation states).

It involves an extensive review of Hansard reports, newspaper coverage, policy documents, this element of the research pieces together what these representations reveal about Britain/Britons as they see their relationship to Europe and conceive of citizenship, also tracking Europe and European nation states’ changing attitudes towards Britain and the British within their borders. It takes this investigation for a start date of 2015, and tracks such representations over the duration of the project.