Episode 17: About Britain’s/Britons’ relationship to Europe

In this episode, Michaela talks with Karen about her paper from the early 2000s that identified the contradictory ways in which Britons in Spain related to their new place of residence and the Spanish population. Episode 17 considers the ambivalence of the British and Britain towards Europe both historically, and today.

Episode 12: About the likely diverse outcomes of Brexit for UK citizens living in the EU27

Michaela is joined by Dr Meghan Benton, senior policy analyst for the Migration Policy Institute. In Episode 12 they revisit the question of who are the UK citizens who live in the EU27, highlighting the diversity of this population in terms of employment status, family circumstance and age, and talk about what Brexit might variously mean for the lives of these Britons.

Episode 11: Voices of the #britsinEU27 – Gill and Clive on applying for French citizenship

In Episode 11, Michaela talks with Gill and Clive Metcalf, who live in France, about their decision to apply for French citizenship. They debunk myths and share their top tips for those considering applying for citizenship themselves!