Our research findings in parliament

We have had the opportunity to present the findings from the project to UK parliament and parliamentarians in a variety of ways. You can find out more about our evidence to the EU Justice sub-committee, our presentation at POST, and our citizens’ rights factsheet

Brexit Factsheet: Citizens' Rights

Dr Michaela Benson coauthored this factsheet on Brexit and Citizens’ Right with Dr Nando Sigona the research leader on the EU Families and Eurochildren project for our funders UK in a Changing Europe. You can read this factsheet and those produced on a variety of different Brexit topics on their website.

Presenting our research in parliament (October 2017)

At the end of October 2017, Michaela and Katherine represented the project at an event organised to showcase all the projects supported by UK in a Changing Europe at the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology.

Information about the research—its aims and objectives, our findings so far, key dates in the project calendar—was included in a booklet produced especially for the research (see image gallery on left) and they also prepared the postcard above to raise awareness of the key issues Brexit poses for UK citizens living in the EU27. 

Written evidence to the EU Justice Subcommittee (December 2017)

The project team submitted written evidence for consideration to the EU Justice Sub-Committee on the issue of citizens rights. They based their evidence on the project findings to date.  The evidence was admitted to the committee on the 13th December 2017