This project examines what Brexit—as it unfolds—entails for Britons living in the EU27. It is organised around three interrelated research questions:

  • What will be the consequences of Brexit for the political rights, social and financial entitlements and citizenship of such populations; how will the consequences be understood, communicated, managed and mediated by institutional actors in Britain and Europe as they unfold?
  • How is Brexit experienced by Britons resident in Europe, across a range of national and local settings; in what ways will this cause them they re-evaluate their lives and citizenship, re-negotiate their identities, (re)position themselves in relation to shifting political realities of Europe, navigate and manage the changing structural conditions that shape the possibilities for their continued residence and/or repatriations?
  • When and in what ways do these populations feature within the Brexit negotiations, and how are their experiences in turn shaped by the ways they are represented in policy, media and decision-making?

It explores these questions through research with Britons living in the EU27 as well as with institutional actors in Britain, the European Commission, and European Member States with responsibilities for these British population. It includes in-depth case studies in France and Spain—where the largest number of Britons reside—supplemented with a citizens’ panel running for 12 months and comprised of Britons resident across the EU27. It also involves close evaluation of how the British living and working in the EU27 are represented through the negotiations in the media, in policy deliberations, and in decision making.