British populations in France and Spain

Over the course of the project we will be doing some research with British populations in France and Spain, including spending time on the ground in both countries and conducting interviews with Britons resident in these locations.


In the first instance, we will be returning to the sites of our earlier fieldwork—Michaela will be in the Lot, and Karen on the Costa del Sol. In recognition of the diversity of the British populations living in Europe, we are interested in hearing from people across the life course for reasons that include work, study and retirement, as well as dual nationals. We are also hoping to expand beyond these initial sites to include Britons resident in other parts of France and Spain, including the big cities.

What are we interested in?

The aim of the interviews is to develop an understanding of the key issues that Brexit presents for British populations living in Europe and how these migrant populations are managing these. However, to really develop such an understanding we also need to know a little bit about what brought people to France and Spain, daily life, and hopes and plans for the future.

What’s an interview like?

We have both been interviewing people for a long time and have found that an informal approach is best. For this reason, we like to meet the people who take part in our research face-to-face for a chat, and so are prepared to travel, but we can also offer the possibility of conducting an interview over the Internet if the distance is too great!

Download the project information sheet here!

Please do get in touch if you would like to take part in this element of the research.

If you are in France and want to take part, contact Michaela

If you are in Spain, get in touch with Karen