One of the key sources of information for the Brexit Brits Abroad Project is our Citizens Panel. We hope this will include a diverse range of people who live in the EU27 who we can contact from time to time about how/if Brexit is affecting them as the negotiations unfold. Some people have already volunteered to take part, and you can read about  them, their feelings about Brexit and the places they live in our conversations with the #britsinEurope.


The project will continue for a period of 18 months from 1 June 2017. During that time, we will be contacting our panels to ask for their thoughts on specific topics as they arise in relation to political debates and the ongoing negotiations. We will use a mixture of ways of approaching and communicating and will work with panel members in ways that suit them. In other words you can email us, talk on the phone, send in unsolicited stories about yourself, send photos or videos, talk to us by skype, and so on. We hope panel members will stay in touch with us for the duration of the project, but we will try not to be too demanding and will accept whatever they feel like contributing.

You can also download further information about taking part in the Citizens’ Panels here

Who are we looking for to take part?

We will try to get a mix of demographics and experiences in our panels. In terms of anonymity, we will not publish anything about you on our web page, or blog, or in our work without checking with you first. Some people will want to be anonymous. Others won’t.

Volunteer to take part!

Get in contact using the contact form below if you are a British person living and/or working in the EU27, want to find our more or want to volunteer to share your stories, experiences, feelings, hope, doubts, insecurities, and insights, by sending photos, videos, blog posts, short written pieces, or simply talking to us by Skype or email – in response to directives we send out as we go along!