Citizens Panel

Dr Katherine Collins, the project research associate leads the citizens panel. This provides an opportunity for British citizens living across the EU27 to feed into the project on a regular basis and provides us with a way to keep our finger on the pulse of how Brexit interacts with the daily lives of these Britons.

To date, we have 190 people,  taking part in this element of the research, communicating how Brexit is impacting on their lives, identities and sense of belonging.

We have been in touch with people to tell us about their migrations, the places that they live, how they feel about the Brexit negotiations, freedom of movement, their sense of national identity and belonging. You can read some of their stories in our Conversations with #BritsinEurope feature.

We have produced two reports from this element of the research. The first, Are you reassured? reports on our consultation with British citizens living in the EU-27 about citizens’ rights in the draft withdrawal agreement (March 2018). The second, What does Freedom of Movement mean to Britons living in the EU-27, examines the different meanings that Freedom of Movement has had for those taking part in the research.