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This section of the website gathers together findings relating to our research with Britons living in France, including podcasts and blogs by our research team.

Project lead Dr Michaela Benson has been writing about her research with the British in rural France since 2009. Her previous research has featured in the media and on BBC Radio 4’s flagship social science programme, Thinking Allowed. For the Brexit Brits Abroad research project, Michaela has been conducting fieldwork in the Lot and Toulouse, speaking with UK citizens who have made their homes and lives on the other side of the Channel and finding out about what they think Brexit will mean for their lives and futures.

Nicky in France

Nicky in France obtained dual nationality in 2017, however, her future is still uncertain in terms of her work and pensions. As the likelihood of a no deal Brexit increases, her concerns are closer to becoming a reality.

From Lin, en Bretagne

Lin en Bretagne sent this postcard about applying for the residency card Carte d`Sejour, being rejected and having to fight this in court.