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Robert in Germany

“As an eighty-year-old plus, I view the coming of Brexit with disbelief and with fear. The decision to vote for Brexit was governed by the hearts of the British people and not by their heads.” Read the lament of a Brit in Germany.

From Mark, in Germany

This “postcard” is a photo I took of the “Refo” church in Moabit, Berlin. Originally this was a congregation I visited for the purposes of my research, but since...

From Musa, in Germany

Must sent us this postcard—a picture of his local football team. This is a photo of my local football team, SFC Friedrichshain Internazionale, in 2016; in this picture, we’d just...

From Mark, in Germany

Mark sent us this postcard from his first trip to visit Germany 5 years ago. He reflects on how his relationship to the country has changed since then.

Mark in Germany

Mark writes about taking up a postdoctoral opportunity in Germany and his worries about what Brexit will mean for international collaboration in academic research.

From Paul, in Germany

Paul sent us this postcard from Wiesbaden about freedom of movement, his European adventure, and his sadness that his son may not have the same opportunities.