International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board supports the project team, providing advice on the outputs from the research.

Aliyyah Ahad

Aliyyah is an Associate Policy Analyst with MPI Europe.

Her research focuses on European migration and integration policy, with a special focus on the European Union’s partnerships with third countries, free movement and Brexit, and social innovation in refugee reception and integration.


Meghan Benton

Meghan is Assistant Director of Research in the International Program of the Migration Policy Institute.

She is responsible for research design and quality of all international-focused products. Meghan leads the institute’s work on Brexit and free movement and its international and European work on immigrant-integration.


Dr Maria A. Casado-Diaz

Maria is a Senior Lecturer in Tourism Studies at the University of the West of England, United Kingdom. Over the past 20 years, Maria has conducted research on different forms of tourism-related mobilities, particularly focusing on lifestyle migration in later life and residential tourism. Her current work also explores the role of transnational mobility practices in lifestyle migration. Maria has participated in several international scientific networks on international retirement migration and residential tourism and has worked on a number of international projects exploring leisure-related mobility among older Europeans and second homes tourism. She is currently finalising a 10 year longitudinal study (2008-2018) that investigates the transformations on the post migration lived experiences of a sample of British retirees living in Spain.


Professor Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos

Prof Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos is the founder of Britain in Europe. He holds the Inaugural Chair in Law at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is an Associate Academic Fellow of the Inner Temple and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Dimitrios has published extensively on domestic and European human rights perspectives on suspects’ rights, criminal evidence, and criminal procedure. He provides commentary on current legal and political affairs in relation to the UK, France and Greece, and has, in recent years, taken a strong interest in the impact of Brexit on human rights. He has recently appeared before the European Parliament and the House of Lords’ EU Justice Sub-Committee to discuss EU citizens’ rights after Brexit.

Vincent Lagarde

Vincent is associate professor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Limoges (France). He coordinates research programs and PhD theses on the atypical entrepreneurs, such as the neo-rurals, the refugees, the expatriates… For the past 2 years, he has been working particularly on British who run a business in France. He is interested in their strategies, as well as in their economic and social footprints in the host territories, especially in rural areas and is paying particular attention to the consequences of Brexit. After having been an entrepreneur and a local elected official, he now advises some French and European elected officials.

Suzanne Mcallister

Dually qualified in the UK and Spain, my professional career as a Registered Nurse and Midwife spanned over 40 years. I moved to Spain permanently in 1993 from the Channel Island of Jersey when my husband retired and continued working in both the public and private health care sector.
After translating for the English speaking residents at meetings for the local elections of 2011, I was asked to stand as candidate for councilor in my adopted village of Llíber , my first venture into local politics. Following my election, I was appointed as the councilor with special responsibilities for European Residents, Health Care and Equality, and was re-elected in 2015 with the same responsibilities.

Jennie Rhodes

Reporter for SUR in English newspaper and English teacher living in Spain.

Jennie graduated with a BA (Hons) in European Politics and French in 2001. Before moving to Spain in 2009 she worked for the late Phillip Whitehead MEP both in the UK and Brussels, in Paris as an Au Pair and then later returned to the French capital with the ERASMUS grant, spent four years at Arts Council England as a Local Government Liaison Officer and two with the DCLG (Dept. for Communities and Local Government) as a project manager. She has worked for the Malaga-based English-language newspaper, SUR in English, since May 2015 and has written a wide range of Brexit-related articles which has allowed her to engage with Brits living in Spain, politicians and citizens’ groups campaigning for people’s rights. Jennie combines journalism with her work as an English language teacher in Malaga province.

Laura López Romero

PhD in Journalism. Lecturer in Department of Journalism, Faculty of Science of Communication, Málaga University.

Laura has been doing research on media and foreign communities since 2000. Her PhD, awarded in 2007, examined Foreign-Language Press and the International communities in Málaga. She is presently working on, and coordinating, the National Project “Medios de comunicación y construcción europea: estudio sociocomunicativo de los residentes comunitarios en el sur de España y de Portugal” (2016-2018. Reference: Plan Nacional de I+D+i CSO2015-65837-R). This is a comparison between media and foreign communities in the south of Portugal (Algarve) and the south of Spain (Costa del Sol-Málaga). This project studies, among other things, the image of Europe held by foreigners living in these destinations.

Related publications:

  •  López Romero, L. y Serrano Porras, J. (2016). “Los orígenes de la prensa en lengua extranjera en Málaga“, En Historia y Comunicación Social, Vol 21, nº 1, pp. 175-188.
  •  López Romero, L. (2009) Prensa extranjera en España. La integración social a través de los medios escritos. Telos. Cuadernos de Comunicación e Innovación.Vol 80, 116-123.
  •  López Romero, L.(2009) Prensa y Comunidad Extranjera en España. Estudio descriptivo y analítico del caso malagueño. Madrid: Quiasmo Editorial.


Oliver Rowland

Oliver Rowland is a British journalist living in France and works for The Connexion, the national newspaper for English-speakers in the country. Oliver studied French at the University of Durham before training in journalism and enjoys helping the anglophone community with news, interviews and practical and cultural information – including, in recent years many articles on the Brexit negotiations and their impacts on Britons in France.


Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams is a British Citizen living in Spain. She is the founder of Brexpats – Hear Our Voice and she is on the Steering Committee as the outreach coordinator for British in Europe. Brexpats – Hear Our Voice was awarded the European Citizens Prize in 2017 relating to their campaigning involving cross border cooperation and giving concrete expression to the values enshrined in the Charter if Fundamental Rights in the European Union. Brexpats  – Hear Our Voice have been honoured to collaborate with the In Limbo team on the sister book to In Limbo called In Limbo Too of which Debbie Williams is a co editor.