Category: Meet the #BritsinEurope

Welcome to our Meet the #BritsinEurope feature. It includes testimonies from Britons living in EU27 about what Brexit means for their lives.


Disclaimer: As with all of the information supplied through the citizens’ panel and presented in our Conversations with the #britishinEurope feature, the views, information, or opinions of individual study participants presented above are solely those of the individual author. They do not necessarily represent those of the project team, Goldsmiths or our funders.

Nigel in Croatia

I retired from a 33-year public sector career in the UK at the start of the century and moved to Spain to work for a few years before being...

Nicky in France

Nicky in France obtained dual nationality in 2017, however, her future is still uncertain in terms of her work and pensions. As the likelihood of a no deal Brexit increases, her concerns are closer to becoming a reality.

Robert in Germany

“As an eighty-year-old plus, I view the coming of Brexit with disbelief and with fear. The decision to vote for Brexit was governed by the hearts of the British people and not by their heads.” Read the lament of a Brit in Germany.