Alice in France

Being part of the EU community has allowed me to fulfil many aspirations.

– Alice in France

My name is Alice and I am a 26 year old British citizen. I moved to Paris in summer 2015 after studying French & Spanish at UCL. I have been working for a French company for 2 years.

Being part of the EU community has allowed me to fulfil many aspirations. It’s allowed me to go forward, be curious, and progress on personal and professional levels.

The lack of sense in Brexit worries me the most. I find it incredibly painful to see my country go down a path that seems to have almost no benefits to it (financial or cultural), and in doing so brutally take away the opportunities for education, better infrastructure, better resources and wider opportunities for many (whether UK citizens in the EU, or EU citizens in the UK).

We can’t halt the progress of globalisation, so I don’t understand why we are putting up barriers and isolating ourselves, instead of trying to contribute and shape the debate. As being a EU citizen has always allowed me to do, we need to go forward, not back.

After this, I worry every day about the lack of clarity concerning the future of British citizens in the EU. As of now, the debate has mostly been centred on the future of EU citizens in the UK. I deeply resent and am very ashamed by the lack of generosity and understanding shown by the British government.

Their decision impacts so many people and it looks like British citizens will be hold ransom to the punitive measures imposed on EU citizens in the UK. I feel stuck in limbo, unable to take any serious decisions on my future until this is sorted out. I am not optimistic about the outcome for my future in the EU.

Alice is just one of the volunteers to our Citizens’ Panel.