November Focus: Mythbusting

There are lots (and lots) of myths about the British in Europe! Some examples we’ve already heard about during our research include …

… most Brits abroad are pensioners who’ve retired to the Costa del Sol.

… Brits in the EU27 are ‘Expats’ living in British enclaves.

… UK citizens living elsewhere in the EU no longer pay tax in the UK.

We’d like to discover more about what misconceptions about Brits living in the EU you have faced, because one of the goals of our project is to collect and share facts about just how diverse the population of British citizens in the EU27 really is.

We’ve already begun to make progress: on 30th October we gave a presentation to the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology on ‘diverse lives, diverse consequences’.

And this week we submitted the evidence we’ve gathered so far to the Select Committee on the European Union’s Justice Sub-Committee Inquiry into Brexit: Citizens’ Rights.

Next we’re planning to record a series of micro podcasts on the topic of myths about the Brits in Europe,

And we need your help!

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