Over the airwaves

May 2018 Karen talks Brits in Spain and Brexit on Talk Radio Europe

May 2018

Michaela talks UK citizens living in the EU27 on the Remainiacs podcast.

November 2017

Karen talks Brexit and Brits in Spain on the Brexit podcast.

November 2017 

As part of her interest in communicating the practice of doing research, Michaela prepared this audio as an academic diary entry for the Sociological Review. In this short piece, she reflects on her fieldwork experiences with the Brexit Brits Abroad project, highlighting the excitement and challenges of working on such a fast-moving topic, and juggling the intensities of fieldwork with (the rest of) academic life.

October 2017

Towards the end of her fieldwork in Toulouse, Michaela prepared a short audio post for her research centre at Goldsmiths, the Centre for Urban and Community research. In the post, she reflects on what talking Brexit with Britons living in Toulouse has done for the research. This is an enhanced version of the original post including video and photographic material from her visit.

July 2017

Listen to Michaela talking with Tim and Jen on the Brexit podcast about the project and her recent research with Britons living in the Lot.

This website has been produced as part of the research project BrExpats: freedom of movement, citizenship and Brexit in the lives of British citizens resident in the EU27. It is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (Grant Number ES/R000875/1) through the UK in a Changing Europe Initiative.