Dr Michaela Benson - Project Lead

Michaela is the project lead and a sociologist based at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her responsibilities on the project include, primary research with UK Citizens living in the Lot and Toulouse, project management and coordination, and hosting the project podcast.

She is internationally renowned for her research with UK citizens living in rural France, conducting research and writing on this topic since the early 2000s. She  is particularly interested in themes of identity, citizenship and belonging. This research has featured in the media and on BBC Radio 4’s flagship social science programme, Thinking Allowed. In 2011, she published her book The British in Rural France with Manchester University Press, which was shortlisted for the British Sociological Association’s Philip Abrams Memorial Prize (2012). The following list of publications represents just some of her writing in this area:

Benson, M., 2016, Deconstructing Belonging in Lifestyle Migration: Tracking the Emotional Negotiations of the British in Rural France European Journal of Cultural Studies 19(5): 481-494.

Benson, M., 2013, Living the ‘Real’ Dream in la France profonde? Lifestyle migration, Social Distinction, and the Authenticities of Everyday LifeAnthropological Quaterly 86(2), 501-526.

Benson, M., 2012, How culturally-significant imaginings are translated into lifestyle migrationJournal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 38(10): 1681-1696.

Benson, M., 2011, The movement beyond (lifestyle) migration: mobile practices and the constitution of a better way of life, Mobilities, 6 (2): 221-235.

Benson, M., 2011, The British in Rural France: Lifestyle Migration and the Ongoing Quest for a Better Way of Life, Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Benson, M., 2010, Landscape, Imagination and Experience: Processes of Emplacement among the British in Rural France, The Sociological Review 58(s2): 61–77

Benson, M., 2010, The context and trajectory of lifestyle migration: the case of the British residents of southwest FranceEuropean Societies,12(1): 45-64.

This website has been produced as part of the research project BrExpats: freedom of movement, citizenship and Brexit in the lives of British citizens resident in the EU27. It is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (Grant Number ES/R000875/1) through the UK in a Changing Europe Initiative.