Chantelle Lewis

What unites the UK citizens of colour living within the EU27 during the Brexit process is not their (mis)recognised ‘race’, but how their experiences are shaped by different expressions of racism.The process of racialisation where one is seen as ‘racially different’ before they can claim a nationality is important to bring into the light. What is becoming even more evident within the Brexit process is that these instances are all linked to racisms. The exclusion of voices of colour, the misinformation about whothe U.K citizens are living within the EU27 and the unbearable whiteness at the forefront of the Brexit debate is all inextricable from racism.

– Lewis, C. (2018) No, where are you really from, LSE Brexit Blog, 11th May 2018 

Chantelle Lewis joins the team as a research assistant. Her role includes the examination of when and how UK citizens living abroad are represented and discussed in parliamentary proceedings. She will also be working to increase the representation of UK citizens of colour on our citizens’ panel.

A PhD candidate in the Sociology department at Goldsmiths, Chantelle is researching mixedness in British monocultures. She is also the co-host of the Surviving Society Podcast—essential listening for anyone who wants to understand what sociology can offer to understanding contemporary issues. She holds a BA in Sociology from Loughborough University and an MA in Culture, Ethnicity and Diaspora from Birkbeck.  She comes to the project having recently completed a research placement at the British Library on the institution’s lack of inclusion of writers and activists of colour.