Researching what Brexit means for British citizens in France

France is home to the second largest British population in the EU27. Building on her previous research about the everyday lives of Britons resident in the Lot, our project lead, Dr Michaela Benson, is conducting in-depth interviews with Britons living and working in the southwest of France—the Lot and Toulouse. Since June 2017, she has been speaking to people of all ages, in diverse employment situations, as well as dual nationals.

The aim of these interviews is to develop an understanding of the key issues that Brexit presents for British populations living in France and how these migrant populations are managing these. However, to really develop such an understanding we also need to know a little bit about what brought people to France, their daily life, and hopes and plans for the future.

Although the research is ongoing, we have been working to produce some initial analyses, which you can consult here