ROUNDTABLE: From mobile citizens to migrants

An event brought to you by BrExpats and Eurochildren, supported by the UK in a Changing Europe Initiative.

This event took place 2-4pm,  21st May 2018, at the British Library

Don’t worry that you missed it – we recorded the whole thing for you to listen back to and released them as a set of three podcasts. Take a listen here

The expert panel

In the aftermath of the United Kingdom’s referendum on their continued membership of the European Union and the ongoing negotiations into the issue of citizens’ rights, EU27 nationals living in the UK and UK citizens living in the EU27, stand to see their legal status shift from that of mobile citizens to migrants. This has consequences in respect to the structures that support their continued residence and rights in the places that they have made their homes. It is becoming apparent that there are outstanding questions about who will be able to stay put and on what terms?

This roundtable event brings together an expert panel to seek to reposition this discussion within the broader context of conversations about migration and citizenship, from who is a migrant? to the lived experience of becoming citizens. It explores the processes and practices of making migrants and citizens in the present-day and remembers the transformation of Commonwealth citizens’ rights.

Speakers: Aliyyah Ahad (Migration Policy Institute Europe); Dr Michaela Benson (Goldsmiths)Dr Nadine El-Emany (Birkbeck); Omar Khan (Runnymede Trust); Dr Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham)