While the focus of the project is on what Brexit means for UK citizens living in the EU27, the project team are also interested on what we can learn from the project about the experience of doing sociological research. This fits with Karen’s work for the Social Research Association and her publications on ethnography where she highlights the practice of doing this type of research; Michaela’s teaching portfolio at Goldsmiths, the methods training in Critical Urban Ethnography she offers for the National Centre for Research Methods, and her work with Professor Les Back to produce fieldwork fables, video resources for teaching social research; and Katherine’s interests in life writing, work at TORCH.

As part of her interest in communicating the practice of doing research, Michaela prepared this audio as an academic diary entry for the Sociological Review, the academic journal of which she is the Managing Editor. In this short piece, she reflects on her fieldwork experiences with the Brexit Brits Abroad project, highlighting the excitement and challenges of working on such a fast-moving topic, and juggling the intensities of fieldwork with (the rest of) academic life.