What Does Freedom of Movement Mean to British Citizens Living in the EU27? Freedom, Mobility, and the Experience of Loss

This report draws from our panel of 194 British citizens, living in 23 countries across Europe, who have been in touch with us throughout the project. It looks at what freedom of movement means in terms of European Union regulations on the one hand; and how the notion of freedom of movement, as a right and an ideal, has been interpreted and enacted by British people living abroad, on the other. We report on what freedom of movement, as a right to move and to reside, means and has meant to British citizens living in the EU; how they have used their rights; and what the practical and emotional consequences of losing these rights might be. You can listen to Karen and Katherine talking about the report with Michaela in Episode 32 of the Brexit Brits Abroad podcast. 

This website has been produced as part of the research project BrExpats: freedom of movement, citizenship and Brexit in the lives of British citizens resident in the EU27. It is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (Grant Number ES/R000875/1) through the UK in a Changing Europe Initiative.