Who are our Citizen Panellists?

You can read more about some of our citizen panellists in our Meet the #britsinEurope feature.

Where do our Citizen Panellists Live?


Our 130 panellists are distributed across Europe. We are still looking for volunteers to join our Panel – at the moment we are particularly keen to find new members in Ireland and Eastern Europe.

What are the demographics of our Citizens’ Panel?

Between 23 September and 9 October, 49 Panellists completed the survey for us. Based on the results, we’ve been able to determine how the panel is composed (we are still recruiting, and will update this page as the panel develops).

The balance between male and female panellists is pretty good, though there are a few more male than female at the moment:

Nobody really knows the exact age statistics for Brits abroad, but we’re broadly happy with the range of ages our panel represents:

Quite a few panellists are doing several things at once, such as working and studying, or being semi-retired while doing some work as well. Overall we think the balance of occupations across the panel is about right:

We have a great mix of members living in urban and rural areas:

Analysis undertaken in October 2017.